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How StudioWeb and Swift Playgrounds Create an Awesome Code Curriculum Combo

June 15, 2016

Swift Playgrounds essentially takes what Scratch based training provides (with some nice enhancements,) and brings it to the iPad. Swift Playgrounds can replace Scratch based code training, except that students will be learning the basics of the Apple Swift programming language instead.

… Apple wants to see students learn Swift for obvious commercial reasons.

StudioWeb combined with Scratch, is already being used by schools to create an engaging 360 code curriculum for students of all ages. That means Swift Playgrounds will play nicely with StudioWeb!

How does StudioWeb play with Swift Playgrounds?

Here are the steps:

1. Use Swift Playgrounds to teach basic coding concepts. Like Scratch, Swift Playgrounds has students moving characters around the screen, and controlling other basic animations with simple code snippets. It’s a good way to establish a conceptual foundation … especially for younger students

2. StudioWeb continues from where Swift Playgrounds leaves off, and teaches practical coding, that can be immediatly applied in a student’s school-wide academic life. For example with StudioWeb, students will quickly learn enough HTML to be able to create web pages. Their new found HTML skills can be used for their assignments in ALL classes. So instead of submitting Word documents or PowerPoints, students use HTML and CSS!

… This type of cross-curricular integration, will quickly get students comfortable with code, so it becomes second nature.

So in a nutshell, Swift Playgrounds and StudioWeb are a natural fit. Swift Playgrounds looks like it could be a great set of training wheels (if you will,) and StudioWeb is the real bike.

In addition, StudioWeb provides many turnkey advantages you don’t see elsewhere: self-evident open ended lesson plans, auto grading, activities, very little prep and PD requirements etc …

Stefan Mischook

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Middle Schools Kids Talk about Learning Code with StudioWeb

June 9, 2016


I recently visited a junior high school, who just started using StudioWeb this year to teach students how to write code. The amazing thing is, that this was a code club where students had to sign up, and yet over 10% of the students in the school participated!

… It seems that kids want to learn how to code!

I was lucky enough to get permission to do a little filming:

What to take away from this video:

  • Students found some questions too easy – and the learned to write real code!
  • Students really liked the courses – you can see them laughing just thinking about the questions!
  • The teacher never taught code before – and got great results.
  • StudioWeb’s auto grading and tracking made it easy for the teacher.


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StudioWeb always gets rave reviews!

June 9, 2016

code icon


I published my new courses (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP7) about 6 months ago to rave reviews. Taking what I learned over the last few years, my new StudioWeb code courses incorporates that experience, resulting in a set of course specifically designed for middle and high school students.

… Your students will be engaged because the material is fun and easy to understand.

Here is a recent quote from a teacher who started using StudioWeb this year:

Working with has been an ideal solution for introducing my middle school students to computer language basics. The chapters, lessons, and videos contain just the right amount of information for my students to process during a typical class period. Since each student has the ability to progress through the tutorials at his or her own pace, I don’t worry about them becoming overwhelmed with the content.

I have noticed that my students rarely need assistance as they work through the Studioweb activities. When someone does need assistance my students jump at the chance to help each other. Their ability to do this demonstrates to me that they truly understand the computer language concepts. My students appreciate Stefan’s sense of humour which comes through in the presentation of skills and keeps them amused while they work!

Julia Alsirt
Instructional Technology Teacher
Communications Liaison
Granger Middle School

If you are interested in teaching app development and web design easily, feel free to contact us. We will answer all your questions, and set up a free demo class. Try before you buy, my dad always says!

Stefan Mischook

About me:

I’ve been writing code since 1994, and teaching code since 2003. Check out my book on Amazon and in bookstores across North America and Europe.

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When Teaching App Development, HTML5 and JavaScript is Best

June 9, 2016



First, let’s start with two bullet points:

  • JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. And its’ use is just expanding.
  • Mobile apps created with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, are often simply called HTML5 apps. Today, mobile app development with HTML5 is becoming the most popular way to create apps. Why? Because it’s easier, cheaper and more flexible.

Why should you teach students HTML5 based app development, instead of Swift for iOS or Java for Android?

#1. Killing many birds with one stone. You now know that HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are often used to build apps for mobile devices, this includes iOS, Android and even Windows 10. But you also probably know that HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are also used to build websites and web apps.

… So when your students learn HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, they are learning skills that offer a huge range in terms of jobs and applications.

Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

Code frameworks are literally pre written code libraries that coders use all the time. Mobile apps are created with HTML5, with the help of popular code frameworks like these:

With HTML5, you can build amazing apps! Here is just a tiny sample of apps built using HTML5:

Not all apps for mobile devices can be built in HTML5, but about 99% can! SAP and many other large and small software manufacturers, use HTML5 to build apps. It is the future of app development.

#2. The JavaScript programming language is similar to many of the other popular programming languages used today. In fact, once a student knows JavaScript programming, they will know about 80-90% of basics of:

  • Swift
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • Ruby

… And many others. JavaScript coding skills are 100% transferable. It’s like learning to drive a Ford vs a BMW … it’s pretty much the same thing. Except when students learn JavaScript, they are learning the most important programming language today.

#3. Teaching HTML5 is easily doable on any type of computer including iPad, Chromebook, Mac, Windows, Linux. If you want to teach Swift properly (for example,) you will need to run Xcode – that means 1-2 gig download, and you have to use Macs. With HTML5 coding, the coding tools are free and lightweight – all you need is a web browser and any simple code editor.

Here is an article in Wired that sums things up.

Stefan Mischook

About me:

I’ve been writing code since 1994, and teaching code since 2003. Check out my book on Amazon and in bookstores across North America and Europe.

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Motivating Students to Learn Code

May 18, 2016


Fun, entertaining courses go a long way to motivating students. But when they actually see their first web page come to life, you see engagement go off to charts!  That’s why we teach web development from start to finish with Studioweb, because nothing motivates a student like being able to create real projects with their code.

Teach Students Marketable Skills

My goal with the Studioweb curriculum was to teach more than coding, I wanted to have students come out with job ready skills that don’t require a college degree to get a great high paying job. Coding today is the new trade that is high in demand, and pays very well.

Code Courses that are relevant for today and tomorrow

Studioweb is constantly being updated in terms of the courses and software. This year we released a batch of new courses, and the reviews are coming in.  For example:

I practically knew nothing about coding, and so teaching 130 special needs students how to code was not going to be easy. 

Thankfully I found Studioweb. It made it very easy for me to teach HTML, CSS and JavaScript to my students. In fact, without Studioweb, I am not sure how I would have done it!

The students were engaged and came away knowing how to write code and how build real websites!

I highly recommend Studioweb to any teacher who has never coded before. The auto grading is user friendly, and the support is great.

Lillian Perteete

Web Design Instructor/Stem
Chicago Vocational Career Academy

This review is representative of what we are getting. I have to admit it’s exciting to see that we are having a positive impact with the students and teachers.


Stefan Mischook

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