If You Teach Any Programming Language in 2016, Teach JavaScript!

January 28, 2016
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Let’s start with the conclusion:

JavaScript is the most popular programming language used today, and it is only getting more and more popular.

JavaScript is used to create web apps, server apps, games and mobile apps. If you want to prepare your students for the future, JavaScript is the programming language to teach.

JavaScript uses common programming paradigms

JavaScript is a modern language that shares many of the same characteristics that you see in all the other popular languages used today. That means as your students learn JavaScript, they will be learning concepts and techniques that are pretty much universal.

JavaScript requires no setup- there is nothing to install

One of the great things about JavaScript (as a teaching language) is that there is nothing to install. If you have a web browser and a simple text editor, you have everything you need to start writing JavaScript code.


Any of the modern programming languages (Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, C#) can be used to teach programming, but JavaScript is clearly the choice teaching language today, and likely for many years to come.

Both JavaScript and PHP courses are available on StudioWeb.

Stefan Mischook

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