Teaching Code:

What I Learned About Distance Learning over the last 10 Years

September 24, 2020

In 2010 we developed the prototype of what was to become the StudioWeb platform. Shortly thereafter, two schools reached out to us because they wanted to teach code. StudioWeb, even in its first version, did the job … almost. 10 Years of Learning to Teach a Blended Classroom Fast forward to today, and StudioWeb 5…

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StudioWeb Student Code Projects

February 26, 2020

StudioWeb comes with 57 built-in projects that teachers can assign to students. The projects are bound to chapters in the courses, which makes them easy to manage. They come with student handouts, the final completed projects for teachers to use as a reference, and even a grading rubric that will make it easy for you…

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Teaching Web Design with StudioWeb

November 30, 2018

You are looking for a curriculum for your web design course … how can StudioWeb help? You need to know the course outlines, lesson plans, handouts and classroom management tools that StudioWeb provides. In a nutshell: Course outlines can be found here: https://www.studioweb.com/courses/ Projects are bound to the chapters in each of the courses. They start…

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How to install Python on a Chromebook in 2018

September 10, 2018

There are few options for Python coding on Chromebooks. It is not as easy as doing it with Windows, or a Mac, but it is doable. Doing a quick check out the Web, I found 2 options, one is easy, while the other takes more work. Option #1: Use a browser based Python code editor….

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Should you have Detailed Lesson Plans for Coding Courses?

August 20, 2018

I’ve been helping schools teach code over the last 7 years, and that experience has allowed us to refine the StudioWeb platform. The StudioWeb curriculum is ideal for middle school, high school and college level students. One important lessons we have learned, is that an open-ended lesson plan, is by far the best approach to…

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Classroom Activities for your Web Design Classroom

April 3, 2018

Hi! The following classroom activities have proven to very helpful in StudioWeb web design classes. These ideas come from our StudioWeb QuickStart Guide for teaching web design. #1. Note taking: StudioWeb’s video lessons make heavy use of pop-up note takers: have students take handwritten notes while watching the video lessons for improved retention. Teachers could…

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