StudioWeb Makes Teaching Code without Knowing Code Easy!

June 28, 2016
Posted in Teaching Code



One of the main goals with StudioWeb, was to create a platform that allowed teachers who don’t know how to code, to easily be able to teach code without much prep, and without much (if any) PD.

… We succeeded!

It only took us 5 years, 🙂 with feedback from students and their teachers! On top of that, data from hundreds of thousands of questions answered, allowed us to fine-tune the courses and quiz questions. Everything on StudioWeb is private and confidential, but we are able annalyse student data while keeping everything anonymous.

With StudioWeb, you have an engaging set of courses that teaches real-world coding, through video quizzing and code challenges. Our auto grading saves teachers time, and our provided projects allows students to exercise their coding skills with coding projects that you see in the workplace.

… Moving a robot is fun, but why not build the screens (user interface) for a mobile app?

If you would like to try a classroom demo, or to learn about the teacher’s tools we provide, feel free to contact us.


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