StudioWeb 4 … coming soon!

February 20, 2018
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Just a quick word about the soon to be released StudioWeb 4.0. This is an exciting release, because it is a total rewrite from scratch! The current StudioWeb 3 is bug free, and is working great in classrooms, but there comes a time when you have to start fresh.

… Steve Jobs famously made that decision, when he moved to OSX and retired OS9. Time has proven that it was a great move!

What’s special about StudioWeb 4?

StudioWeb 4 implements amazing new technology that brings more flexibility and speed to the StudioWeb software. Some of StudioWeb 4’s new features include:

  • District level reporting
  • More classroom management tools
  • Expanding and updating curriculum to include career oriented content
  • Updated video controls and more tablet friendly UI

More details will be released once StudioWeb 4 is made public.


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