Build your Developer’s Profile Page

February 25, 2021

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As you work through the StudioWeb courses (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, PHP), you will be building a profile of your accomplishments that you can show others.

Public and Private Profile Page

StudioWeb comes with a profile page (for each user) that has both a public and private view. The public view keeps most of your data private, and only shows people which courses you completed.

The private view of your profile, shows you many details about your course progress, including how much time you’ve spent on a course, when you started learning and your trending grade. This is great because it allows you to easily track your own progress.

Check out the screenshots below.

Student Dashboard ๐Ÿ‘†
Private Profile Page – for your eyes only! ๐Ÿ‘†
Public Profile Page that you can share if you like! ๐Ÿ‘†

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