Computer Skills Enrichment Class with StudioWeb

June 2, 2021
Posted in Classroom Stats

Recently a teacher had a few great questions about teaching code with StudioWeb:

I am looking for a computer skills enrichment class for students in 5th grade through 7th grade.

My questions:

How a student would see the course and how the teacher sees it? Is there a teacher screen to view progress and assign work? Also are there any issues with Mac Users?


Teachers and students see them nearly the exact same way, except teachers have all the lessons unlocked, have direct access to all the quiz answers and of course, the teacher’s dashboard which displays progress reports, grades and other classroom management tools. You can see some screenshots here:

Yes, besides the 1000+ quiz questions, which StudioWeb auto-grades for you, we provide 57 handouts / projects you can assign. We provide an easy to follow grading rubric for the projects as well.

Some teachers use them, while others find the core curriculum to be more than enough for assessments. 

StudioWeb works amazingly on Macs!

If you would like to try StudioWeb, please contact us.


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