Why Gamification of the Learning Process is a Must

October 24, 2013
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It’s amazing to watch how kids (and adults!) will spend countless hours to learn very complex video games.

And then, to get high scores and unlock game achievements, they will spend countless more hours playing the game and even researching for tips and tricks on how to defeat game levels and challenges!

… They are clearly motivated.

Learning by Gaming

An interested student learns, and students are interested in video games. So it stands to reason that if you turn the process of learning into a game, students will be far more engaged and will retain much more information.

Teaching Students to Code with a Game

The StudioWeb training system teaches web design and web programming in a game-like environment- it is actually modeled after some of the most popular games out there.

While students learn the finer details of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, they are in fact playing a video game:

  • scores are tracked
  • challenges unlocked
  • special achievements mastered
  • personal student profile pages built up

We’ve incorporated many of the fundamental aspects of video games derived from our vast experience playing these games!

If you are an educator and interested in more about StudioWeb, feel free to contact me at: stefan@studioweb.com

Stefan Mischook

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