How to Effectively Teach Web Design and Programming in the Classroom

April 4, 2014
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I’ve been teaching web design and programming for over 10 years. Yet working with teachers using StudioWeb over the last two years has not only improved StudioWeb, but has opened my eyes to things I had not considered.

You live and you learn!

My top 3 web design and programming teaching tips for the classroom:

Boring is bad: Students have to be kept interested; any teacher knows this. So how do you spice up a web design class? Keep video segments short- 20 minute videos will put most students to sleep. So for August 2014, StudioWeb’s new beginners courses will have an average video length of 2-3 minutes.
Have students build real things: Just teaching code that solves math equations isn’t going to excite too many students. With StudioWeb, we get into real-world mini projects as soon as we can. This way, students come away being able to create things that people actually need in the real world!
Good content: At the end of the day, a fancy LMS and special effects will not replace good teaching.

The problem with so many video courses out there today is that they don’t have much teaching value even though they may have a lot of production value.

StudioWeb’s courses are created by experienced and respected teachers. We rely on great teaching and NOT on green-screen effects and talking frog puppets making bad jokes.

Thanks for reading,

Stefan Mischook

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