How To Use StudioWeb In The Classroom

March 30, 2014
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Let’s start with a common question I get from teachers: “Is each course (in StudioWeb) considered separate, or are they all incorporated as one?“

Answer: Courses can be used separately, but the list of courses are set in a specific order in terms of student progression. We are building the student’s skill set.

You’ll notice that we have foundation courses and project courses. We assume that the student will do the foundation courses first and then move onto the project courses.

The order of the courses/subjects (1.HTML, 2.CSS, 3.JavaScript, 4.PHP etc) comes from our experience from teaching web design and programming for over 10yrs. Nothing is set in stone but it has worked for us.

Total course time

The total length of time all of our courses is approximately 50hrs of class time- depending on the aptitude and age of the students.

Individual Courses

StudioWeb courses can be used individually, as well. For example, some teachers using StudioWeb only use the Beginners HTML and CSS courses.

Some of our courses (like PHP and JavaScript) are more advanced and require knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Different teachers have different approaches

1. Jason from Ohio: We recently visited a school in Ohio to watch how classes were using StudioWeb. Like with other schools, students get their daily dose of StudioWeb (30-60 minutes) to help reinforce the subjects that class is studying.

Jason (teacher) would assign the students 30 minutes of StudioWeb per class, and the students would pick up where they left off in whatever course they were working on. After the 30 minutes of StudioWeb, Jason would go over some class projects (ex: building a basic website).

The kids were free to work at their own pace. This means that some students were working on our Beginners HTML course, while others were working on Beginners CSS.

Since StudioWeb takes care of teaching the basics of web design and programming, Jason was able to spend time on class projects as well as helping students who might be having some trouble.

2. Hal from Georgia uses StudioWeb to teach older students. He has students working on StudioWeb at home and counts their work as 10% of their final grade.

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