Teaching Teachers to Code

February 29, 2016
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Teaching code in the classroom presents two challenges:

  1. Creating a curriculum that’s effective
  2. Training teachers to teach that curriculum. In other words, teaching teachers to code.

The solution

The option that makes the most sense is having a curriculum (and app) that teaches both teachers and students. The advantage of this approach is that as teachers learn to code, they learn the curriculum at the same time. This means teachers won’t have to learn or create a new curriculum.

Start teaching code from scratch with only 1-2hrs of preparation!

With StudioWeb, you can get your code classes up and running with as little as 1-2 hrs of preparation- that’s with teachers who know nothing about code! If you have an educator with a little bit of coding skills (even just a little!) … they can be up and running in 10-15 minutes!

The best code to teach is web design and development code

I’ve been coding since 1994 and teaching code since 2003. I believe the best coding languages to teach are the languages of web design and development:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript


These languages are the most popular in the world, and are growing even more popular. Teaching these languages requires no special hardware or software: everything you need is built into any computer. HTML5 and CSS3 are also very visual; students will see the results of their work in actual web pages and websites they will build.

HTML5 coding is extremely flexible; you can take students in several different directions:

  • Teach them to build mobile apps
  • Teach them to build games
  • Teach them to build websites and web apps

There are no other languages that give educators this level of freedom and flexibility.


Stefan Mischook

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