Great Code Editors for Teaching Code

March 2, 2016
Posted in Teaching Code


In keeping with the philosophy that the best way to teach code is to have students build real world projects, it only makes sense to have students learn a little about the tools of the trade as well. When it comes to coding, the most important tool is the code editor.

Teach code with simple text editors or code editors?

All coding can been done with the simple text editors built into Windows and Mac. However, I suggest students use a code editor because it makes coding easier, and because using a code editor is part of the learning process.

… If I were teaching woodworking, I would have students learn to use a saw.

Which code editors?

You have many options- here are a few that are free to use:

  • Sublime Text (Windows and Mac versions)
  • NotePad++ (Windows only)
  • Caret –  is a code editor that is actually a plugin for Google Chrome, and so it works on all operating systems- even on chromebooks.

Stef Mischook

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