Studioweb Updates for Fall 2016

April 13, 2016
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What’s coming to Studioweb for Fall 2016:

1. The new courses that we released this September, were a huge success! Student grades and engagement improved dramatically: average grades went from the low 70’s, to the high 80’s and even 90’s! And we covered much more material!

We will be adding new courses for fall 2016.

2. We’ve refined the reporting where now course, chapter and lesson level grades appear in three tables on the same page. This allows for teachers to easily drill down into marks, to see how their students are doing.

3. We will be adding to our collection of 40 side projects for the first three foundation courses: Beginners HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The projects gives teachers extra material that they can use to keep the advanced students busy. The projects also allow students to apply their web design skills to real-world websites.

4. We will be including pre and post test for the HTML, CSS and JavaScript courses. Teachers will be able to (at a click of the button) have students do a summative pre test. Once a student has completed the main course, teachers can assign the student do another summative post test.

These test are in addition to the formative grades derived from the course material. This is coming for the fall semester.

5. Professional development: we can help get your teachers up to speed teaching code. In fact, teachers totally new to code can be ready to lead a Studioweb based classroom with as little as 1-2 hrs of prep!



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