Motivating Students to Learn Code

May 18, 2016
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Fun, entertaining courses go a long way to motivating students. But when they actually see their first web page come to life, you see engagement go off to charts!  That’s why we teach web development from start to finish with Studioweb, because nothing motivates a student like being able to create real projects with their code.

Teach Students Marketable Skills

My goal with the Studioweb curriculum was to teach more than coding, I wanted to have students come out with job ready skills that don’t require a college degree to get a great high paying job. Coding today is the new trade that is high in demand, and pays very well.

Code Courses that are relevant for today and tomorrow

Studioweb is constantly being updated in terms of the courses and software. This year we released a batch of new courses, and the reviews are coming in.  For example:

I practically knew nothing about coding, and so teaching 130 special needs students how to code was not going to be easy. 

Thankfully I found Studioweb. It made it very easy for me to teach HTML, CSS and JavaScript to my students. In fact, without Studioweb, I am not sure how I would have done it!

The students were engaged and came away knowing how to write code and how build real websites!

I highly recommend Studioweb to any teacher who has never coded before. The auto grading is user friendly, and the support is great.

Lillian Perteete

Web Design Instructor/Stem
Chicago Vocational Career Academy

This review is representative of what we are getting. I have to admit it’s exciting to see that we are having a positive impact with the students and teachers.


Stefan Mischook

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