StudioWeb certification guarantees code competent students

August 2, 2016
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StudioWeb can now certify students in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and our comprehensive Web Foundations.

Certification is a 3 stage process

For students to pass StudioWeb certification, they must:

  1. Successfully complete the course with a 60% + grade.
  2. Successfully complete the assignments.
  3. Finally, successfully complete the certification exam.

The process of certification is overseen by a teacher who verifies the integrity of the process. Our grading rubric is robust and accurately reflects the skill level of students. If a student is StudioWeb certified, they know how to code!

Certification developed by a 22 year veteran in web development

Stefan Mischook started coding in 1994, and developed his first educational app in 2000 for a publicly traded company.

In 2003 Stefan released his first course on coding: ‘Web Design 1’. Since that time, Stefan has been published several times in print publications, and recently his book ‘Web Design Start Here,’ was published in July 2015. You can find the book in stores across North America, Europe and on Amazon.

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