Why do teachers love StudioWeb?

March 7, 2017
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Time for a little shameless self promotion!

Yes, after 6 years of working closely with many teachers and schools, we are proud to say that StudioWeb is a must have tool for teachers, and an amazing learning experience for students.

No matter who you ask, teachers and students love StudioWeb! That’s why we have 100% renewals!

Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Includes 57 assignments / projects and a project grading rubric.
  • Lessons are based on the spiral teaching method, and lesson plans open ended for maximum flexibility.
  • Includes 7 suggested classroom activities.
  • Includes professional development videos. Teachers get up and running with ONLY 1hr of prep.
  • Includes bonus video content for gifted learners.
  • Includes and easy to follow QuickStart Guide.
  • Same day phone and email support.
  • Automated grading by course, chapter and lesson – exportable to Excel format.
  • Courses created by an experienced educator and published author.

Just one of many great reviews from teacher’s who use StudioWeb:

Working with Studioweb.com has been an ideal solution for introducing my middle school students to computer language basics. The chapters, lessons, and videos contain just the right amount of information for my students to process during a typical class period. Since each student has the ability to progress through the tutorials at his or her own pace, I don’t worry about them becoming overwhelmed with the content.

I have noticed that my students rarely need assistance as they work through the Studioweb activities. When someone does need assistance my students jump at the chance to help each other. Their ability to do this demonstrates to me that they truly understand the computer language concepts. My students appreciate Stefan’s sense of humour which comes through in the presentation of skills and keeps them amused while they work!

Julia Alsirt
Instructional Technology Teacher
Communications Liaison
Granger Middle School

If you would like to try a demo classroom, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards!

Stefan Mischook

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