Answering Common Questions about Teaching Code with StudioWeb

October 24, 2019
Posted in Classroom Stats

A teacher asked:

Can I ask you how you view the teachers role, does the instructor need to complete each of the modules in advance of the students to facilitate the process? 

Teachers don’t need to complete the modules since each lesson is video based, has supporting quiz questions and built in hints where the last hint is the answer. Student’s can’t get stuck. If they opt for the answer, they fail that question. But, there are hundreds of questions between the first 3 courses alone!

Our first three courses are:

  • HTML5 Foundations
  • CSS3 Foundations
  • JavaScript Foundations

These are probably the most important coding languages in the world today. You could argue Python is right up there … we have a great Python course too!

Is StudioWeb set up to ensure students have to complete each of the stages of the modules before progressing?

Each question is locked until the previous one is completed. If they blast through, they fail the lessons, chapters etc …

You are also able to monitor progress in real time, that means if a student starts blasting through, you will see two things:

  1. Their progress will be ahead of the classroom average.
  2. Their marks  will be bad. 

So it is easy for you to spot that sort of thing. It doesn’t happen often with StudioWeb because the process is gamified. The male students compete for points and badges that they accumulate as they go. This is displayed on their profile pages … that they tend to visit often. 

We also have  a daily leader board which you can display to the classroom … it shows who’s scoring best that day. 

StudioWeb practically automates the classroom for teachers.

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