HTML5 should be the First Middle School Coding Course

February 29, 2020
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I’ve been working with schools since 2011, to deliver an effective code learning experience, for both students and teachers.

With so many languages out there (HTML5, JavaScript, Python, Java, Swift, CSS3 … etc), it can be a challenge for educators to make a proper choice for their students.

Here are some quick suggestions:

For 5th grade and up, HTML5 is a great choice (as a first coding language) because it introduces students to universal coding principles, it is visual, works on any type of computer, and is easy to understand.

For 7th grade and up, I would suggest Python, for many of the same reasons as HTML5. With Python though, students will be programming, and so they will be learning more advanced concepts not found in HTML5.


Though HTML5 is a coding language, it is not a proper programming language like Python and JavaScript (as examples,) … but often times, HTML5 and many programming languages are used together in the real world, so it makes a lot of sense that HTML5 and PYTHON be in the same code curriculum.

For 9th grade and up, PHP, JavaScript and SQL are great choices, as they introduce more advanced concepts and techniques to students. There are overlaps between the coding and programming languages, but each one contributes to the understanding of programming principles and techniques used in industry today … and the foreseeable future!

If you want to demo a StudioWeb code classroom, or you are interested in teacher training, feel free to contact us.


Stefan Mischook

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