Why Learn Python in 2021?

November 29, 2020
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Python is consistently rated as one of the top 3 most popular programming languages in 2020.

I know you want to know, what the future holds for Python, so I pulled out my crystal nerd-ball for you today: I can safely inform you that in 2021, Python demand is only going to grow.

Why is Python so popular?

  1. Python is really easy to learn: One of the things you learn after a couple of decades of writing code professionally, is that a big part of a languages’ success, is how easy it is to learn.

    This just doesn’t apply to programming languages: developer frameworks, libraries and any other tools developers use to create software, can often live or die by how hard they are to use. Python is one of the most approachable programming languages and so this helps it to remain popular.
  2. Python is very productive: To get a program working with Python requires relatively little code compared to many other languages. I always teach young developers, that speed of write-time is almost always more important than speed of runtime.

    Basically, if you can write the software/app with only 500 lines of Python, vs say 5000 lines in Java … Python is pretty appealing!
  3. Python is SUPER versatile: Maybe Python’s greatest strength, is that you can do so many things with it! Python is widely used in data sciences, Ai and ML, web development, server automation … and so much more. With Python, you can tackle so many types of programming … this is appealing to many developers.

Because of the above reasons, (and few more!) Python is one of the 3 programming languages I teach on StudioWeb … out of 15 or so I could have chosen instead of Python.

If you are looking to learn to code, or you would like to teach code to students as a first language, you can’t go wrong with Python!

Thanks for reading.

Stefan Mischook

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