Schools Choose StudioWeb Because …

January 30, 2021
Posted in Classroom Stats

Here are some of the reasons why practically all our schools keep using StudioWeb in their classrooms:

  1. StudioWeb has been developed with schools for 10 years. We have addressed all their needs. Basically designed by teachers for teachers.
  2. Teachers are up and running with 20 minutes of prep! This is because StudioWeb takes care of the grading, teaching and reporting. Even teachers totally new to code, feel comfortable teaching with StudioWeb in record time!
  3. The StudioWeb curriculum is vocational … one of the few that can confidently say this. This means that students learn real-world code. This is especially great for districts with disadvantaged students. Students will come out with valuable skills that can get them work, or even start a business with! 
  4. Deployment is easy, no hassles for school or district admins. All web based, and we support just about any type of computer or tablet.
  5. We teach the most important languages used today: HTML5, JavaScript, Python, CSS3, PHP and SQL. 
  6. Security and privacy assured. We do not share data at all. Students in fact, can use SW anonymously. Teachers are free to delete all student data in their classrooms at any time.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like a demo.



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