Top 3 Code Teaching Tips

March 6, 2016

To get the best outcomes with students, here are my top 3 code teaching tips: Write real code, not ‘lego’ code. Use real coding tools, not code simulators. Build real projects from start to finish. 1. Write real code, not ‘lego’ code A funny thing happens when students write real code: they start to learn…

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Have Students Work Together on Coding Projects and Teach Pair Programming

February 23, 2016

Just with StudioWeb’s HTML, CSS and JavaScript Beginners courses, you have 40 projects/assignments you can handout. They can be used as team projects and for individual students as well. Pair Programming – a real-world style of coding Let me first quote Wikipedia: Pair programming (sometimes referred to as peer programming) is an agile software development technique…

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Why ELL Students Should Learn Code

February 20, 2016

English-language learners (and disadvantaged students) stand to benefit the most from learning to code. Here are just a few reasons: There is a huge demand in tech-related vocational jobs that are high paying ($70k/year,) that don’t require a university degree. All coding languages (ex: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, PHP) are based in English – ELLs…

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Should Kids Learn Coding Instead of Foreign Languages?

February 16, 2016
Posted in Coding

I was reading an article on the debate in Florida, whether to allow kids to learn code instead of a foreign language. I can offer some perspective here, since I am a coder who speaks English and French. What has been more valuable in my life: knowing French, or knowing how to code? Coding has…

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Teaching Mobile App Development

February 8, 2016

If you want to teach app development, I would strongly suggest you future-proof your students, by teaching them the most popular way to code mobile apps- that’s with HTML5. HTML5 is the future of app development. I just got back from lunch with an old buddy of mine who works at SAP (3rd largest software…

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If You Teach Any Programming Language in 2016, Teach JavaScript!

January 28, 2016
Posted in Coding

Hi, Let’s start with the conclusion: JavaScript is the most popular programming language used today, and it is only getting more and more popular. JavaScript is used to create web apps, server apps, games and mobile apps. If you want to prepare your students for the future, JavaScript is the programming language to teach. JavaScript…

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