Python 3 for Middle School and up – coming soon!

February 28, 2017

Our new course ‘Beginners Python 3’ will be out soon! This is a brand new course that teaches Python 3.6, and is aimed at total beginners to programming. It’s a great course for first year computer science students and other learners. Not just any Python course, it’s a StudioWeb Python course! StudioWeb’s courses are unique…

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Updates to StudioWeb for 2017

February 16, 2017
Posted in Curriculum, News

Hi, Updates to StudioWeb for fall 2017: StudioWeb 2 will be retired this year, and all new classrooms will be deployed to the StudioWeb 3. We are renaming (and updating) Beginners HTML to HTML5 since it is much more than a beginners course. We are releasing a NEW Python course. We are now providing a…

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How StudioWeb and Swift Playgrounds Create an Awesome Code Curriculum Combo

June 15, 2016
Posted in Curriculum

Swift Playgrounds essentially takes what Scratch based training provides (with some nice enhancements,) and brings it to the iPad. Swift Playgrounds can replace Scratch based code training, except that students will be learning the basics of the Apple Swift programming language instead. … Apple wants to see students learn Swift for obvious commercial reasons. StudioWeb…

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