What I Learned About Distance Learning over the last 10 Years

September 24, 2020

In 2010 we developed the prototype of what was to become the StudioWeb platform.

Shortly thereafter, two schools reached out to us because they wanted to teach code. StudioWeb, even in its first version, did the job … almost.

10 Years of Learning to Teach a Blended Classroom

Fast forward to today, and StudioWeb 5 is now an incredibly supportive code teaching platform …. both teachers and students love it. Why?

We listened to teachers over the years, continually refining how the software works, what tools it provides, making code classroom management easy, and even building a custom curriculum based on the lessons learned from teachers and students.

StudioWeb has been used in traditional and distance learning settings for years. Here are some of the lessons.

My Top 10 Distance Learning Tips:

  1. Video, video, video! Lessons must be video based. StudioWeb’s code courses have over 300 video lessons!
  2. Video lessons have to cover 1-2 topics max.
  3. Video lessons are optimally six minutes long.
  4. Educational support systems are a must.
  5. Software should provide instant feedback.
  6. Software should enable instant help for students.
  7. The course curriculum must be designed for remote learning.
  8. For good retention, the lesson structure should make use of the spiral teaching method.
  9. Course content should be delivered in a gamified environment.
  10. Teachers need student activity tracking tools and auto-grading to monitor progress.

There is much more to creating an effective and easy to implement distance learning strategy, but the above 10 tips will get you far along the path.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Stefan Mischook

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