Starting your Web Design Class

August 10, 2017

Getting your web design class up and running is easy with StudioWeb. The steps are: We set up your StudioWeb classroom(s), where each student gets their own user ID. Teachers give students their IDs, and they log in and start with the HTML course. As your students watch the videos and answer quiz questions, the…

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Coders code with code, so we Teach with Code

August 4, 2017
Posted in Teaching Code

There are many approaches to teaching code. Unfortunately,  many make the mistake of going with block-based coding, while others create code simulators, in an attempt to introduce coding to students. We have a different and proven effective philosophy: We teach code with actual coding … how radical!!  Our courses are real-world centric: coders code with…

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What Yale’s Socially Assistive Robots and StudioWeb have in Common

August 2, 2017

I was reading an article on Yale University’s research with socially assistive robotics, that help to teach kids. The main points I got out of the article: Robots learn and adapt to individual student need. Students are motivated when the learning process is turned into a game. A little competition is very motivating for many students….

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Complete Web Design Curriculum for 2018

July 26, 2017
Posted in Courses, Curriculum, News

StudioWeb first entered the classroom nearly 7 years ago! In that time, we’ve listened to teachers and students, as we continued to refine both the StudioWeb software, and course curriculum. Our current coding foundation courses: Beginners HTML Beginners CSS Beginners JavaScript Beginners Python Beginners PHP StudioWeb might be the most effective teaching tool today for…

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Professional Development in Teaching Code

May 27, 2017
Posted in Teaching Code

It is well known that code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python) is now an essential subject for students of all ages. Many US states and countries around the world, are making code a core part of their curriculum. … The challenge many schools are facing though, is finding teachers to teach the coding classes. StudioWeb’s Professional…

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Python 3 Course for the 2017-18 school year

May 26, 2017
Posted in Courses, Python

I am excited to announce our upcoming Python course: Powerful Python 3.

A beginners course covering Python 3, students go from an absolute beginner, to having a working knowledge of object oriented Python. Course is based on Python 3.6.

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