What is Studioweb’s Trending-Grade?

March 10, 2014
Posted in Classroom Stats

StudioWeb’s trending grade shows your student’s grade as they progress throughout the course.

Why have the trending-grade? It’s a very simple yet useful tool that can help you as a teacher:

  1. Early warning detector
  2. Fallback grade

1. Early warning detector:

The trending-grade acts as an early warning detector for students who may be having trouble with a particular course. For example, a student who has completed 22% of the course shows a trending grade of 46%.

As a teacher, you will know early on that this student is having problems with the material, giving you the chance to step in and help the student.

2. Fallback grade:

In the unlikely event that your students are unable to complete a course by the end of the semester or year, the trending-grade can be used to evaluate your students performance for that course.

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