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How To Use StudioWeb In The Classroom

March 30, 2014
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Let’s start with a common question I get from teachers: “Is each course (in StudioWeb) considered separate, or are they all incorporated as one?“ Answer: Courses can be used separately, but the list of courses are set in a specific order in terms of student progression. We are building the student’s skill set. You’ll notice…

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What is Studioweb’s Trending-Grade?

March 10, 2014
Posted in Classroom Stats

StudioWeb’s trending grade shows your students grade as they progress throughout the course.

Why have the trending-grade? It’s a very simple yet useful tool that can help you as a teacher:

  • Early warning detector
  • Fallback grade
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Case Study – How Teachers Are Using StudioWeb

February 24, 2014
Posted in Classroom Stats

StudioWeb’s foundation was built on interactive video courses that provide a lot of learning value- your students will learn practical skills that they will be able to demonstrate. However, StudioWeb’s strengths stem from the tools that streamline the process of teaching a class. This is how some teachers are using StudioWeb: Step One At the…

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